July 14, 2024


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Six Favorite Techniques of Hapkido Champions by Chief Master Eric P. Laino

Six Favorite Techniques of Hapkido Champions by Chief Master Eric P. Laino

My three go too punching Techniques and three favorite kicking Techniques

Through my Hapkido journey I have competed in my open style tournaments. Primarily sparring and forms. Although I did well in forms competition, my passion when it came to competition was the sparring division in which I did exceptionally well. So well in fact I was a 5-time Grand Champion.

In this article I would like to go over my three main hand striking Techniques and three main kicking Techniques. Though my arsenal was not limited to just these Techniques, these were the ones I found the most success with.

Hand technique 1. Now, whether it be point fighting or kickboxing, I still used these as my primary Techniques.

The first hand or striking technique: The lead hand back fist. This was a technique that the top kickboxers also used including Bill “Superfoot” Wallace who is one of the greatest champions of our lifetime. What is great about this technique is it helps to set up many other techniques.

The second hand or striking technique: The lead hand ridge hand. This technique is great because, it’s sneaky, lightning fast, and can be thrown from many different angles.

The third hand or striking technique: The reverse/cross. This punch is great for the power aspect that you can use to the body in point fighting or to the face when doing full contact competition. This technique is also a favorite amongst many boxing champions. Now there are many different follow up Techniques that can be used after throwing these initial strikes that is why I highly recommend these hand techniques for the practical aspect of setting up to follow up with kicks.

I am sure to start some controversy here with the next statements, but my words are based on actual in ring experience so be sure to take note. Lead leg kicks are king! These are by far the best kicks to score with.

The first kick: The side kick to the body, again a great technique to set up other techniques and a very powerful weapon with the ability to break ribs when you get in close.

The second kick: The roundhouse kick, though, when thrown off the lead leg it’s not extremely powerful but, it’s a fast and easy kick to score with either kicking the body or the head.

The third kick: The hook kick, which is a great kicking technique because of the ability to use it in offense or defense during a match. Great champions like Jerry Tremble have even scored knockouts with this kick.

Keep in mind that these are just my primary techniques, not my only techniques. As I stated earlier these have served me well in the ring and I am sure that they will do the same for you if you practice them to proficiency.

I hope you enjoyed this article and may it help you in your martial arts journey. I will announce the date of my next seminar soon.

Chief Master Eric P. Laino, USA Team Head Coach!

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