July 14, 2024


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Five Marketing Ideas for Martial Arts Schools by KJN Richard Hackworth

Five Marketing Ideas for Martial Arts Schools by KJN Richard Hackworth

This week I’m going to give you five individual marketing systems that, when used together, create a powerful force multiplying effect for building your martial arts training business.

Each marketing system below is field tested and proven. But when used together they have a synergistic effect that can virtually double and triple your business in a matter of months. Now that’s force multiplier in action!

Here they are:

1. Community Outreach – When was the last time you gave back to the community? How about a Saturday morning child safety seminar, or a free weekend self-defense seminar? How about speaking at your local church, hospital, chamber of commerce, golf, or tennis club? These “free” events can do a lot to position you as the obvious expert.

2. Endorsements – Want to build trust and credibility fast? Partner with businesses that cater to your potential clients. Ask them to promote and endorse your services to their clients and customers. In exchange you can offer their customers a “special” that you typically do not offer to regular prospects. Doctor’s offices are great for this.

3. Direct Mail – Have you considered the many ways that you can enter your prospect’s home without ever physically stepping in? Here are two very effective ways: direct mail postcards and letters are excellent methods for generating leads and building a list of prospects. The key to prospecting through direct mail is to focus on lead generation and not making the sale. That comes later.

4. Publicity – When was the last time you wrote a column or article for the local paper or community magazine? Or when was the last time you got a press release published? It’s not that hard at all. Not if you know my guaranteed press release strategy. Get creative—find reasons to get publicity. Annual citywide tournament? How about volunteering at the local senior center once a week? The media loves human interest stories like these!

5. Expert Positioning – Write a book, create an exercise video or a community health and safety newsletter. Then donate a few of your books and DVDs to the local libraries. Allow businesses who cater to your potential clients to give out your videos, newsletter, and books as free gifts. This is called viral marketing and it’s a very powerful way to get the community to know you, like you, and trust you.

Now just imagine this for a moment. Let’s say that you’re the average martial arts prospect, and all the sudden you started seeing this instructor and his marketing message everywhere you went in the community.

Imagine that – go ahead. You hear him speak at church. You read about him in the local paper. Your favorite grocery store is promoting his child safety seminar. And your neighbor is attending her weekend community self defense seminar.

Let me ask you this:

Wouldn’t you naturally assume that this instructor is the top martial arts expert in the community? I know I would.

So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to just sit there or are you going to go out there and actually take action?

I hope (for your sake) you pick the latter!

Need some help getting started?

Join the Martial Arts Marketing Domination Program. Message me today to get started.

See you next time with more ideas, techniques and strategies that will leave your competition in the dust.

To your health, wealth, and success,

Richard Hackworth


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