May 23, 2024


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7 Powerful Tips for Higher Search Engine Rankings by KJN Richard Hackworth

7 Powerful Tips for Higher Search Engine Rankings by KJN Richard Hackworth

Here’s a look at the search engines’ “secret” monitoring project and how YOU can use it to get a higher search engine ranking and more traffic right now.

I get a LOT of questions about building traffic to a martial arts website.  And many of the ideas and techniques I use and promote do take a while to show a dramatic effect.

So, I’ve put together a list of 7 things you can do right now – today – that will start to have a positive impact on your search engine rankings and your overall traffic within weeks.

But first, here’s a little-known trick the search engines use to monitor your site – and how their human searchers react to it…

One of the 200+ things Google, Bing, and Yahoo look at to determine where they should rank your website is simply how their human visitors (i.e., people using the search engines to find information) react to your site.

For example, let’s say I do a search for “self defense” and I find a page on your site in Google’s search results page.  Wow, you’re ranked #5 – nice job!

The second I click on Google’s link to your site, they start their “secret” clock.  Yep, they time how long it takes me to come back to Google for another search.

So, if I return to Google after 30 seconds, that gives them a pretty good idea that I didn’t find what I was looking for. And your search engine rankings will drop accordingly.

On the other hand,

If I stay on your site for a while – I’m reading your well written and informative articles, watching videos, reading your blog, etc…

…and it takes me a good while to go back to Google to do another search, that tells them that I found exactly what I was looking for you your site.

Now, your site is more relevant.  More credible.  Worthy of being listed in Google’s search results.  And your ranking goes up accordingly.

It’s as simple as that.  The key is remembering that people use search engines to find information.  If you give them the information they want, they’ll stay on your site longer and your rankings will go up at the major search engines.

High Quality Content = More Traffic and More Sales

Now here’s a list of 7 simple and immediately useable ways to apply this lesson to your site to improve your search engine rankings and your overall traffic…

1)  Articles

Write your own articles and start posting them on your site.

Make sure you cover topics people are already actively seeking information about, so you have the easiest time.

A Master Keyword List comes in very handy here.  It gives you all the details of what people are searching for at the major search engines along with how often each search term is looked for and the number of competing websites you’ll face.

The articles should be easy to find on the search engines and informative for the people reading them.  They will establish your credibility, build rapport, and presell you and your products/services.

You can even post articles other people have written.  The important goal to remember is…

Give the visitor the information they’re looking for.  Keep them on your site for as long as possible because for every minute she spends on your site, the higher your search engine rankings climb, the better you establish yourself in her mind, and the higher your odds of a sale.

2)  Free Reports

People love free reports and e-books.  Even audio files are great. They give people something to do on your site AND they give you a chance to capture contact information.

If you can get people’s interest in your free downloads, you can keep them around a little longer while they fill out your form, read the thank you page, and get dragged down another pathway to…

o your articles

o more free stuff

o sales copy for your product or service

o sales copy for your newsletter

o etc.

Find things people want and give them to them.  Simple. 😉

3)  Videos

Videos are extremely popular now.  They really are going to be the next frontier on the Web – as evident by Google paying over $8 Billion for

But for now, the best use of videos for our purposes is going to be to provide quality content to keep the visitor on our sites a little longer.

If you have videos, put them on your site TODAY.

If you DON’T have videos…

You can always use other people’s videos as content on your site.  If it’s relevant to the content you provide and isn’t a direct competitor to you, it can only help your cause.

Go to YouTube and Facebook and search for videos that go with your site.  Remember, they must be of value to your visitor.  It does you no good to load up on videos if no one wants to see them. 😉

They provide you with some simple copy-and-paste HTML code you can use to add each video to your site. 

The bottom line is:  You want enough videos on there to keep people busy and on your site for a few extra minutes. And the whole idea that you’ve provided them with what they want (rare online, as you well know) will keep them coming back for more.

4)  Links To Related Content of Interest

Besides the fact that the search engines pay attention to what other sites you link to, it’s a good idea from your visitor’s stand point to include links to relevant info on related websites.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Whenever you link out to another website, ALWAYS make the link open a new browser window.

This will keep your site running in the background while your visitor reads the article about self defense you just linked them to.

And since your site is still open in their browser in the background, the “secret” clock is still running, telling Google they found what they were looking for on your site. 🙂

For any martial arts related topic, you cover on your site, try to provide a link to another article on the topic on someone else’s website.  Just remember to open the link in a new browser window.

5)  Groups, Forums and Bulletin Boards

Groups, Forums and bulletin boards are a great way to get people involved and participate in what you do.

And they’re a great way to keep people on your site for an extended period.  By adding the ability to review other people’s posts and questions – and the conversation that follows each – you’re giving them a reason to stick around for a few minutes…

…and a reason to come back later. 🙂

Forums can be quite difficult to install and set up on your website.  Or they can be incredibly easy.

6)  Your Blog

Always link to your blog.  And always open that link in a new browser window – especially if you use Type Pad or Blogspot, etc.

People like to read blogs.  And they spend a good amount of time doing it.  So, take advantage of that and make sure everyone can find your blog by linking to it on every main page of your site.

And if you open it in a new window (like we discussed for all links out of your website), you’re keeping the search engine clock running – improving your rankings and traffic.

And you may want to consider hosting your own blog directly from your website (as opposed to a free Blogspot blog).  Search engines place more credibility on hosted blogs than they do on free blogs.

After all, anyone can get a free blog.  So, at some point, they have to start to be seen as less and less valuable and relevant in the search engine’s eyes.

And from a human visitor’s eyes, which looks better to you…


7)  Newsletter Back Issues

Another excellent way to provide people with more content, keep them on your site longer, and presell yourself as a qualified expert is to post your newsletter back issues on your website.

This is something you can easily do today if you try.

Just create a simple page at…

On this page, you simply list out each issue along with a brief description.  Then provide a link to each issue that has its own page.

You’ll basically just copy and paste each issue of your newsletter into its own web page and you’re done.

This will give the search engine a TON of extra pages to index.  That gives you a better chance of being found in the search results and it gives you extra credibility in the search engine’s eyes.

And it gives the human visitors on your site some more valuable content.  That builds their trust and rapport with you, brings them closer to your Most Wanted Response, and keeps that clock running even longer.

Posting your newsletter back issues will also increase your subscribers to your newsletter.  If people can see what they’re going to get from your newsletter, that will move a lot of people past their objections for giving out their e-mail addresses.

And it will work traffic wonders if you add a martial art RSS

Feed to the mix.

With an RSS feed, any time you send out a new issue of your newsletter, you’ll post it to your site, and we’ll update your RSS feed.

Now anyone can see you’ve added new content to your site, and they’ll come back to check it out.  No e-mail is required.

No more false spam filters.

There you have it.  7 things you can do TODAY that will have a dramatic effect on your traffic and your search engine rankings.

But you must act.  Each of these tips will work (especially when combined) if you work them.  But just knowing what to do is not enough.  So, act.

Apply at least one of these tips to your martial arts website right now.  And apply for 2 more before Monday of next week. Just be sure to check your traffic stats before and after so you can see the difference firsthand.

And don’t forget to drop me an e-mail to let me know how it went for you. 🙂

To your health, wealth, and success,

Richard Hackworth

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