March 4, 2024


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Secrets For Living The Warrior Mindset

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In today’s lesson, we will talk about How To Live The Warrior Mindset as a Hapkido practitioner.

To Live the Mindset of the Warrior you must commit these mantras to your mind and heart. Only by doing this can you beat your inner opponent.

  • I will eat cleaner.
  • I will train harder.
  • I know his strengths.
  • I know his weaknesses.
  • I will be better than him.
  • He is the OLD ME.

You must work hard to defeat your most persistent enemy – yourself. It seems your mind will constantly try to talk you into eating something that you shouldn’t or into skipping your workout or slacking off during your training. Don’t let it!

Take control over your mind! Refuse to allow it to control you. You know your strengths and your weaknesses; now use them! Control your mind and bring it in line with your objectives! Be better than the person you were yesterday!

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