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World Martial Arts Magazine is your free online community resource for all traditional martial arts including Hapkido,
Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Yudo, YuSool, and major organizations such as the Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society, Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association, Korean Hapkido Federation, US National Taekwondo Association, as well as many others.

We offer the latest news, entertainment and instruction information as well as event coverage and celebrity martial artists profiles.  Also check out martial art store for quality books, tapes, CDs, and equipment.

Click on the link below to read our Spring 2012 issue featuring our lovely cover model Treyomi, Dr. David Nelson, Shihan Robert Rene and Shihan John Petrone.

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Award Winning Shows

The World Martial Arts Radio Network features award winning shows with the biggest Movie Stars, TV & Radio Celebrities, and Experts from the martial arts and action film entertainment industry! Our popular line up of shows includes:

“The World Martial Arts Radio Show”

With Dr. Richard Hackworth and Grand Master Fred Parks. This is a raw and lively show that will have you in tears laughing. If Howard Stern did a martial arts radio show, this would be it! With show segments like “Dirt-bag of the Week” and “You’re Just Jealous” you know that someone’s feelings are going to get hurt. Richard Hackworth is the wildly entertaining host that will have you holding your sides laughing as he exposes the “jokes of the martial arts world”. Enjoy the “Training Tip of the Day” for students and the “Marketing Tip of the Day” for school owners on the longest running martial arts radio show in history!


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Welcome to the World Martial Arts TV Show page!

Your hosts, Grand Master Fred Parks and Richard Hackworth, guide you through the exciting world of martial arts with training segments by the world’s leading martial arts teachers and experts.

Our celebrity instructors often include: Taekwondo lessons with Grand Master Gregory Glover, Director of the US National Taekwondo Association. Learn TangSooDo Korean Karate self-defense with Grand Master Fred Parks. See authentic Korean Hapkido as it is taught in Korea with our own show host, Grand Master Richard Hackworth. America’s foremost martial arts weapons expert, Grand Master Darren Norris teaches you how to turn everyday objects into deadly tools. Championship Poomse training with World Breaking Champion, Master Chris Edwards.  Plus guest appearances by World Champions, Celebrities and Movie Stars. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back often so that you don’t miss any of our exciting shows! Click on the image below to watch our latest episode!

World Martial Arts TV Show January 2015

Welcome to the January 2015 episode of the World Martial Arts TV show featuring celebrity Grand Masters, Richard Hackworth, President of the Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukwan, Darren Norris, US Representative for the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association,
James Hogwood, US Director of Training for C.O.P.S. International, and Fred Parks, US Representative for the Korea TangSooDo MooDukKwan Society.

World Martial Arts TV Show November 2012 episode

World Martial Arts TV Show May 2012 Episode

For more free episodes of the World Martial Arts TV Show starring Dr. Richard Hackworth and Grand Master Fred Parks visit this site often. More content added regularly. We are your resource for martial arts training, news and entertainment.

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