Welcome to the World Martial Arts Media blog where you can learn about the stars of martial arts magazines, radio shows, TV shows and action martial arts films and movies. Be sure to save this site to your favorites and check back often! We are the ORIGINAL martial arts media network so don’t be fooled by our imitators. We began as part of the Action Media Network and the Martial Arts Radio Network in 1994 before our so-called competitors even had a computer or website.

World Martial Arts Magazine is your resource for educational articles by the world’s leading experts of traditional martial arts. Our Publisher, KiPyo Lee, is dedicated to providing the world’s leading martial arts education resource for FREE in English. Our editorial team is lead by World Kickboxing Champion and Action Film Star Robert Parham with contributed articles from experts such as: Richard Hackworth, Jim Hogwood, Darren Norris, Kevin Rhodes, Fred Parks and Dr. Ronald Stone.

World Martial Arts Radio is your complete source for educational and entertaining information and news from the martial arts world. We have several radio shows dedicated to various aspects of martial arts training and business support. Master Kevin Rhodes is the programs director of the World Martial Arts Radio Network and works side-by-side with our show hosts to provide you the best in martial arts radio anywhere. The World Martial Arts Radio Show with Grand Master Richard Hackworth and Master Kevin Rhodes is our flagship news and education program for martial artists of all skill levels. The Martial Arts Success Show with Grand Master Fred Parks is your martial arts business seminar helping build a strong successful school and legacy for your martial art.

World Martial Arts Television is your monthly free seminar with the world’s leading experts of martial arts and self-defense. The show features training segments with Hapkido Master Ronald Stone, Tang Soo Do Grand Master Fred Parks, Taekwondo Grand Master Gregory Glover, Weapons Grand Master Darren Norris, and Military and Police Defensive Tactics expert Jim Hogwood.

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Richard Hackworth is a multi-arts Grand Master whose martial arts career spans four decades of amazing accomplishments. He began working with World Martial Arts Magazine in Korea in 1986 and has been a constant supporter of spreading the traditional martial arts message worldwide. He is the founder and President of the Korean Hapkido Federation Haemukwan , an organization for traditional authentic Hapkido. You can friend him at

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