We Have a Program for You!

Attention Struggling School Owners:

How would YOU Like…

To have more students in your school without lowering your standards or becoming a “McDojo”?

To become Rock Star successful and famous in Your hometown?

To help more people improve their lives through martial arts training?

Then we have a program for you! Our program helps you connect with the thousands of people who view our websites each week who are interested in martial arts. FACT: People interested in martial arts come to our sites. We can lead them buy the hand to YOUR school! Our program is the Lead generating, client converting, retention boosting, referral stimulating, income multiplying FORMULA that you wish you knew when you first started your martial arts business!


Is it just me… or have you noticed that most martial arts business consulting companies are run by filthy liars whom make up hype or stretch the truth to sell you?

All the hype and “B.S.” has me sick! That is why we promise to bring you school growing information that is legitimate and where I give you realistic and conservative numbers!

Well, if you appreciate this type of realistic and conservative approach, then you should check out this service. It is real, not pumped full of crap and a very realistic way to make 5 figures monthly without lowering your standards, becoming a “day care” or selling out!

Introducing The FASTEST and EASIEST Ways

To Attract New Students To YOUR

Martial Arts School Guaranteed!

The #1 Secret to growing a School Fast!

“Try Our Program and I Personally Guarantee You’ll Come Away with more enrollments, better retention and more income than ever before… Even if You Haven’t Made a Dime in the Martial Arts Business Yet! Most traditional school owners today put in over 40 hours a week at their school and are still B-R-O-K-E! YOU don’t have to be one of them anymore!”

Why Does Our System Work?

Advertising Sources: Our team has over 30 years of experience generating leads and enrollments for traditional martial arts schools and 12 years of experience marketing martial arts programs online. When you join, we plug your school into the system and it does all the work for you. All you have to do is answer your phone and invite them to your school! It’s easy too! Our program is 100 % automated. You won’t have to lift a finger!

Support You Can Count On: Our team was formed by all star online marketer, Richard Hackworth, with 30 years of marketing experience. This gives you the true edge! Since World Martial Arts Media Marketing is a system that sells for you, driving traffic and generating leads can make or break you. We cut this out of the equation by placing all of the ads for you in order to completely guarantee your success.

I own an online advertising company where I have provided traffic and leads to martial arts business owners for 24 years now.

Why do the billing companies hate me? Well, I used to work for them and quit because I could not bear to watch them mislead school owners to increase their own profits. Why do the other consulting companies hate me? Because I have proven time and time again that THEIR SYSTEM DOESN’T WORK for the school owners and the only people making money are the consulting companies. If you complain that their program isn’t working for you what is their answer??? “You need to come to our private mountain top boot camp and pay thousands of dollars MORE for the advanced program that REALLY works!”

Think about this: If their standard program doesn’t work why would paying more money for more bad information make you have bigger success? Fact: It doesn’t!

There are a lot of companies out there that promise to help your school grow and make money. What is unique about our program is that due to my experience you don’t need to worry about becoming a McDojo or giving up your tradition. I can easily support you with that. I have driven nearly $31 million in sales for other school owners around the world and the beauty of this program is that it runs itself! You are just a few clicks away from creating a successful school that will help you spread your art and teachings to more people. Get started today!


School Marketing Services

The purpose of the World Martial Arts Media Marketing Program is to help martial arts school owners achieve their full potential in teaching and business success. There are a lot of consulting companies out there that promise to TEACH YOU how to market your school using their poorly designed ads. The problem is that as a full time school owner / instructor / spouse / parent, YOU really don’t have time to do it all. That is why we have designed a simple system where we do all the work for you. Giving you more free time to enjoy with your family and doing the important things around your school. Our program was created by one of the most successful traditional martial arts instructors on the planet. Watch the video below to learn more about his accomplishments.

There are a few programs that we offer that fit into anyone’s budget. We have all heard the horror stories about people who have spent thousands of dollars with the “So-called” experts only to close their schools and be even deeper in dept. I know that it happens because I see them desperately trying to advertise their school “For Sale” on Facebook. Our promise to you is that we will work hard so that you don’t have to! FACT: They brag about being successful business men and make no apologies that their goal is to get money from you. Our purpose is different. Our goal is to help you spread your martial art to as many people as possible. We are able to offer our services at such affordable prices because we do profit from our schools and don’t have to make up the difference by over charging YOU.

FACT: Unlike Most Consulting Companies We Are Not Afraid To List Our Prices On Our Site. With them you have to call for their “Free Evaluation” where they ask you a bunch of very personal questions that help them determine how hard they are going to put it to you.

Marketing Program: This is our standard program for single location owners where we add your school name, address and telephone number to over fifty websites, blogs and directories that help to send more people to your school looking for training. After that you give them a trial offer and enroll them. It really is that simple. We have schools that have gone from being months behind on their rent to being profitable using this program that is only $99 for a full year. That is NOT a misprint. It costs less that a single month of other programs so you really do have nothing to lose by trying this program.

School Management Program: This program includes the World Martial Arts Marketing Program and is for school owners who need a little more free time. This program provides you with sample ads, flyers and a pre-written student newsletter sample customized for your school. The cost is $99 down and then just $29 a month. To get a local print shop to design an ad for you is over $50, for just $29 you get a flyer, news paper ad and student newsletter. As you can see our goal is to give you more value per-dollar than any other program available. Unlike other organizations, we make our profit from our own successful schools, not from over charging you for advice and service.

Marketing Domination Program. This program is what we recommend for school owners who have more than one location and over ten martial arts schools in their county that they are competing against.

The program includes:

  • Marketing Program
  • School Management Program
  • Market Domination Program

With a $99 down payment and then just $69 monthly. It includes the items mentioned in the first two program plus, gives you a website, blog and facebook page that we update and manage for you. That is still less than half of what the other companies charge for their basic program. We also include an annual article about your school in World Martial Arts Magazine to really boost your school’s reputation as a leader in your community and an annual interview of you on the World Martial Arts Radio Show. But that’s not all, you also get 4 FREE event listings on our event’s directory and a free upgrade to a blog listing in the school directory with your school Logo and website URL. No other organization can offer that kind of media exposure and even if they could you certainly wouldn’t get it from them for an affordable rate of just $69 monthly.

Even if you choose not to join, we invite you Like our page to get FREE martial arts school marketing tips for your Dojang or Dojo at and then be sure to join our World Martial Arts Community.

Business Marketing Services

Select one of the advertising options below to begin growing your business with World Martial Arts Media Networks.

School & Business Directory Listing on ONLY $49 per year or get 3 years for only $99.

Calendar of Events Listing only $25 and will list the event up to 1 year in advance!

Call Ph: 321-443-8077 to get your listing today!

Does Your School Need More Than Just A Directory Service? We Can Help!

World Martial Arts Media School Marketing is emerging as a leader in helping people discover martial arts businesses through its media services that include World Martial Arts Magazine, World Martial Arts Radio and World Martial Arts TV. Smart business owners are finding that advertising with World Martial Arts Media is a wise and affordable alternative to the mainstream martial arts media.

World Martial Arts Media provides martial arts business owners, like yourself, an opportunity to tell more about your business rather than simply offering your phone number and address like traditional directories. As a special bonus, each of our new advertisers gets an opportunity to have their business profile published as an article in World Martial Arts Magazine when you accept a 1 year advertising agreement.

We believe World Martial Arts Media Network can help your business prosper in these three significant aspects:

1. Internet Marketing
– World Martial Arts Media has professionals that understand how to draw traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN. Millions of people are searching for businesses and products every month using these search engines. World Martial Arts Media’s Pages are optimized for these search engines to find and index millions of World Martial Arts Media’s search portal listings. More than half of our current traffic comes from our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solution.
2. Viral Networking
– World Martial Arts Media has social networking features that even attract people from Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and even Youtube.
3. Strategic Partnerships
– World Martial Arts Media is increasing its partnership network to bring more exposure to your business. We have partnered with search engine optimization companies, global internet marketing companies and other internet professionals to not only provide optimum service for our clients, but also to further increase the number of participating businesses within our network.

World Martial Arts Media’s Pages have recently been ranked in the top 10 martial arts websites in the world with the most traffic! Our traffic ranking is going up steadily and it is projected that World Martial Arts Media’s Pages will continue to rank in the top 10 for years to come!

Check Out Our Amazingly Affordable Advertising Options Below.

After purchase, you will be redirected to a page where you will submit your information as needed for the option that you chose.

Submit your information including: Site URL, Banner Image (if applicable) NOTE: Maximum banner width: 150 px; Maximum banner height: 300 px. If you want us to create your banner, we will create from your Site URL and submit for your approval. Featured Banners will Rotate on the Home Page AND on our blog post pages!

Advertising Options include TEXT ADS and BANNER ADS. You can send us your own BANNER or our talented GRAPHIC DESIGN team will create a Professional Banner to Advertise your Martial Arts Business.

World Martial Arts Radio Advertising Options

Now you can reach over 200,000 listeners each week with affordable advertising on our exclusive Radio Network!

WHAT: The World Martial Arts Radio Network is the world’s most popular online radio network dedicated to the martial arts lifestyle, news, entertainment and events on our site. World Martial Arts Radio Network features shows with some of today’s top entertainers, authors and celebrities in their field giving you instant credibility with our audience.

WHEN: The World Martial Arts Radio Network is 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year of non-stop cost effective advertising.

WHY: Some of you may ask why should I advertise with the World Martial Arts Radio Network? The answer is simple. SUCCESS!!! The World Martial Arts Radio Network reaches over 200,000 people weekly with our ratings climbing each month. Advertising with World Martial Arts Radio Network will help you skyrocket to success.

HOW: You may wonder: How can advertising on the World Martial Arts Radio Network possibly be cheaper than magazine advertising when it reaches more than twelve times the number of people in a month? Easy, we don’t have the expensive overhead costs of publishing, printing, delivery and distribution. And unlike newspapers and magazines, we are FREE to the public. That means more people listen to us. That’s a FACT!

The 5 top reasons to advertise on World Martial Arts Radio Network instead of print magazines.

1. TIMELINESS. Unlike magazine ads that are set months in advance, on World Martial Arts Radio Network you can change your ad text each week to give your customers the most current information and offers.

2. CREDIBILITY. Your ad is read live each week by one of our celebrity show hosts giving your company instant credibility with our many listeners and gets replayed several times each week during different time frames giving you the maximum exposure for the minimum cost.

3. EFFECTIVENESS. You can choose which show your ad will be run during. Have you ever tried to choose which page your magazine ad would run on? With the World Martial Arts Radio Network we can do just that, play your ad when it is most effective for you.

4. IMPACT. Magazine readers may overlook advertising by not choosing to read it. With the World Martial Arts Radio Network they listen to your ad several times a week irrespective of choosing to or not.

5. COST. World Martial Arts Radio Network is less per quarter than most magazines cost monthly. We are the best value for your advertising dollar. You can save up to 75% annually on your advertising by switching to World Martial Arts Radio Network.

For pricing information and to get our special introductory discount contact

  • Banner Ad Special 1 year premium placement ( 8 pages) only $275.
  • Links page placement only $199 for 1 year.
  • Logo ad premium placement 1 year only $200.
  • Links page placement only $99 for 1 year!
  • Primetime Infomercial $200 for 1/2 hour, $300 for 1 hour. You provide pre-recorded broadcast ready file.
  • Off Peak Hours Infomercial $100 for 1/2 hour, $200 for 1 hour. You provide pre-recorded broadcast ready file.

Get free martial arts school marketing tips at

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