May 23, 2024


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Welcome to World Martial Arts Media Community!

It means a lot that you are here, says a lot about how you care about the preservation and promotion of traditional martial arts training and values… and your trust in me- THANK YOU!

We are a community that gives back, helps others, and shares insights into martial arts training, practical self-defense, martial arts history, meditation, fitness, and nutrition.

Just some of the topics we might be discussing at any given time: Masters Profiles, Training Tips, Historical Articles, Events, Tournaments, Seminars, Entertainment, Movie & Book reviews and so much more!

Let’s keep this group spam free and no self-promotions. We do have a “single” thread identified that you can introduce yourself maximum once per month and what you do.

One powerful way to let others know what you do is to offer real value in commenting on questions in the group and just adding a simple one-line signature to your comment.

Anyway, I am sure everyone reading this can appreciate me spending considerable time highlighting this as it lends to the value and importance of this community.


Best Regards,

Richard Hackworth

C.E.O. World Martial Arts Media

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