July 14, 2024


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Longevity in the Martial Arts by Dai Sifu Keith Fanning

Longevity in the Martial Arts by Dai Sifu Keith Fanning

Hello, my name is Dai Sifu Keith Fanning of Blue Dragon Ming Ch’uan, in Dublin Ireland. I’d like to talk to you about longevity in martial arts, this is something my master and I talked about in depth a long time ago, he said that after the age of 35 you really need to focus on more of the internal arts, speed and accuracy. because hitting heavy bags is still a young man’s game, so pounding the bags pounding the roads when you’re jogging there are things that the younger guys could do but once you got to 35 the body didn’t as quick so go down the road of recovery if you weren’t supplementing correctly if you weren’t making sure that you have the correct vitamins and hydrating enough it would mean that recovery would take longer and you start feeling your age.

However if you start to turn to the speed and accuracy he was talking about you know he was talking iron finger shots to vital points in the body, so learning acupuncture or learning acupressure and some of the nerve/pressure points in the body ,you can now deliver a strike with more purpose rather than just you know jab cross or whatever you could actually flick out a thumb shot to a vital point and stop your opponent in this tracks. He talked about longevity in the martial arts this way because in his opinion I’ll say “ his opinion “ cause it’s a better way to put it , he said all the years he had done heavy bag work he had done heavy sparring and heavy fighting that was great as a young man but now he didn’t have the energy to fight a young man, he didn’t have the energy to keep going round after round so instead of trying to fight this way he switched over now and learned how to deliver some of the Internal shots, some of the more vital points shots and again it made him number 1 more dangerous but number 2 it gave him peace of mind that when it came to an altercation that people would put their fists up and the automatically knew they wanted a box or that they wanted to punch or fight .

He had a funny way of attracting altercations, that’s another story though. but when you talk about being able to deliver a thumb shot to a liver vital point and stopping a guy flat in his tracks and I’m talking about this particular one because I’ve seen him do it when he hit the guy In a liver point and the man’s face started to turn blue so we’ve all been winded at some point, you get that shot in the solar plexus and you suddenly get that winding, it takes about 2 or 2 and a half seconds for that to release but when you get liver winding it’s a little bit different ,it takes about 4 or 6 seconds to release, now this is all estimated because any time you hit somebody different ,every person reacts differently but the liver winding does create a different feel the day he caught the guy with the liver shot it meant that he was able to delay things and talk to the guy and say” we really don’t want to go any further with this” You know when the guy kind of agreed and they came to it and I’m an amicable finish, but the point of the story is when you’re doing heavy impact martial arts we take kickboxing and Taekwondo, we take some of these who have bag work, we got jumping, we got heavy pounding and you know where we are getting sparring ready or to go for a jog all these things kind of play a factor in your overall recovery and your longevity in the martial arts and when it comes to making sure you stay that little bit further in martial arts it comes down to the fact of your body is recovering quicker your training is smarter not harder.

These are all the things that my master talked about there’s a lot of things I could go into today and It could be quite controversial because I have talked to some Taekwondo Masters in the past who have agreed that their knees were suffering and lower backs were suffering from the jumping ,that the jump kicks, they now had to alter their training ,that was just one master in particular. then there’s been some kickboxers who still love the heavy bag work, the endorphins released after hitting the heavy bag but the recovery the next day was very very harsh because the elbows were paying for it, their shoulders are paying for it, you know these are the things we have to take into consideration when it comes to our longevity. I would like to do another piece on this kind of training,diving into some of the finer points of what I have experienced not just the conversations with my master but where he led me in terms of vital points that will stop an opponent, in the strikes you know people have talked in the past about the fabled Dim Mak.

There is an element of truth to every part of that when you look into acupuncture and acupressure and some of the vital points and nerve holds that we’ve come to know and learn it’s another area of training that people Should have a look at you know it’s not just all about blocking and punching, you know all martial arts are great don’t get me wrong once you are training and you’re sticking true to the course and you’re doing your pieces but just remember age does play a factor.

Recovery plays a huge factor you Know we might think and I had especially males we still think we’re Young at heart but our Bodies try and tell us something Different so maybe just have a look into some of the internal arts you Know like tai Chi, chi gung, the list goes on But as I said this is just my master’s opinion and something I’m passing on to you guys.

If anybody needs to reach out or have any questions for me feel free to email me sifufanning@gmail.com or look me up sifufanning.com thank you for listening I hope you enjoyed it take care

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About the Author: Dai Sifu Keith Fanning is a fulltime professional martial arts teacher, mentor, life coach and Grand Master of the Asian Healing Arts. He is known as Europe’s Undisputed Master of the Iron Fist. He holds numerous world records and world championship titles. He is also the World Martial Arts Congress National Representative for Ireland. For information on Private Training or to host Dai Sifu Fanning for a seminar you can e-mail him at sifufanning@gmail.com or you can reach out and subscribe on his website at sifufanning.com.

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