June 13, 2024


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Grandmaster Timothy Hollywood’s Martial Arts Featured Article

Grandmaster Timothy Hollywood’s Martial Arts Featured Article

I thank my readers in advance for supporting the spreading of Martial Arts knowledge and information throughout the world and across the internet.

Today’s article will focus on how studying multiple disciples of martial arts under different instructors will make a person a more improved martial artist and will improve your life. The martial art discussed today will be the Study of Iaido.

Why does one study the ancient art of Iaido in today’s modern world?

The tenets of the Samurai were Courage, Loyalty, Honor and Service. The Samurai practiced the sword and became experts to protect their Village and to be a soldier in the service of their Lord or Daimyo who were vassals of the Shogun.

I study the art of Iaido in modern times to develop my spirit, mind and body. I am currently retired as a member of the New York City Police Department and during my career performed deeds of valor performed at imminent risk of death. I was inducted into the NYPD Honor Legion whose mission statement is “Fidelis Ad Mortem” which means Faithful unto Death. My loyalty, service and faithfulness to the Citizens of New York City is similar to the Samurai.

The studying of Iaido enables one to develop a strong spirit and mind to assist in making difficult and possibly life alternating decisions. An example would be one’s job decision can affect people in many ways. (Positive- Raise/Promotion or Negative Terminating Someone). A second example would be decisions affecting one’s family.

Individuals must display loyalty and honor to supervisors as well as coworkers.

The training in Iaido and study of the techniques develops one’s mind of clear concise thoughts and the physical training develops one’s body.

The Katana is a revered spiritual weapon. It must be cared for and protected by its owner. A martial artist must protect family, friends, and students.

The study of Iaido has enabled me to develop a new martial arts skill that I can pass on to my students and to future generations. My deceased Iaido instructor Hanshi Rico Guy told all his students. Don’t let martial arts die spread the teachings and the lessons.

In conclusion, the study of Iaido has improved my life, introduced me to excellent teachers and fellow students and enabled me to make difficult choices. I have studied multiple martial arts during my 39 years of training. Future articles will focus on Kung Fu/ Kick Boxing/ Jiu jitsu on what learned from my exposure to these disciples.

About the author: Grandmaster Timothy Hollywood has been studying martial arts for over 39 years. He is a 7th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon do and holds black belts in other systems. He is a retired Captain from the New York City Police Department.

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