June 18, 2024


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Taekwondo Prepares Children for Life by KwanJangNim Gregory V. Glover


Taekwondo Prepares Children for Life by KwanJangNim Gregory V. Glover
Children who participate in Taekwondo classes at traditional school like those in the US National Taekwondo Association are more confident, have better self-control and concentration. That is why so many loving responsible parents supplement their children’s formal education with Korean Taekwondo training.

Traditional Taekwondo training improves self-esteem.

The Taekwondo belt rank system used at US National Taekwondo Association schools improves children’s self-esteem and provides them with a greater sense of accomplishment, so they feel better about themselves. Learning how to set and achieve short term and long-term goals is a valuable part of the formal Taekwondo training structure. When children do something as simple as count the repetitions of the exercises it improves their self-esteem because it helps them overcome their fear of speaking in front of others. These are little steps that lead to big results.

Taekwondo training teaches discipline.

Our professionally trained Taekwondo instructors, licensed by the World Headquarters in Korea, know how to set very clear limits for children. They always insist on good behavior during class, at home and in school. The formal class structure is designed in a way that helps children improve their self-discipline by lining up and taking turns counting and performing the exercises.

Taekwondo training channels aggression.

Pediatricians often “prescribe” Taekwondo for children who require a high-energy activity to channel their aggressive behavior. At US National Taekwondo Association schools, we are experts at helping children relieve stress, channel aggression, and develop self-discipline. Exercising and learning new techniques helps burn off the stress of the day to improve one’s attitude.

Taekwondo training teaches practical self-defense skills.

At the US National Taekwondo Association family of schools our Taekwondo Instructors’ priority is to teach children self-defense skills to increase their safety. Taekwondo students also learn never to practice their training on family members, neighbors, or friends.


Respectfully yours in Taekwondo,
KwanJangNim Gregory V. Glover
Chief Operating Officer USNTA
About the Author: Grand Master Gregory Glover is a full time professional martial arts instructor with a strong background in Korea martial arts. He is the Head Coach of the USNTA National Team and owner of the US Martial Arts Academy in Conyers, GA. Grand Master Glover is the Director of the US National Taekwondo Association www.usnta.net.
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