June 13, 2024


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Three Steps to Improving Your Life with Hapkido by KJN Richard Hackworth

Three Steps to Improving Your Life with Hapkido by KJN Richard Hackworth

How can learning Hapkido help anyone change the course of life? How many people say they would like to make a lifestyle change? How often do you hear someone say he or she would like to make a difference? Let’s look at each issue, and discover a formula for positive change, which will help you, and everyone you know by learning Hapkido.

How can Hapkido help anyone change the course of life? Making a positive change in your life requires you to make a commitment. The root of our commitment is our decision-making process and how serious we are about focusing on it. The Korean martial art of Hapkido teaches us how to focus our mind and make positive changes around us.

Whether you practice alone, or under the guidance of a competent Hapkido Master, you begin to realize the unlimited potential that is within each of us. The biggest difference between people is that many have no direction. This lack of direction is a result of great social changes around us or the inability to focus on a particular direction.

However, great social changes have never stopped humanity from moving forward. There is always someone who is focused enough to lead a cause or a nation. A person who has chosen to lead has decided, reinforced it with commitment, and focuses on progress every day of his or her life.

How many people say they would like to make a lifestyle change? Most people would like to make a change, but they have not seen the three-step formula of: decision, commitment, and focus. It is not complicated, but each of us has to make an initial decision in order to shape our destiny.

How does Hapkido help one learn to make a difference? At the heart of every cause is someone who has learned how to completely focus his or her mind. Consider Dojunim Choi Yong Sool: He was a humble man. He could have sat back kept his skills to himself. But instead, he began teaching students in a Brewery in exchange for grain to feed his farm animals. In sharing Hapkido with others he created a global philosophy of self-improvement through Hapkido training.

Choi Yong Sool’s students began to branch out and spread Hapkido as a self-defense martial arts without concern for competition or glory. But for the sake of self-development of the mind, body, and spirit. We can learn from his example to this day. He may not have desired to change the world, but his example created awareness and changed the world view of personal development through martial arts training.

From the outside, looking in, Hapkido may seem quite ordinary. But authentic Korean Hapkido teaches self-improvement in three steps during every class.

In step one we learn to focus and improve our mind through seated meditation. Unlike meditation for religious enlightenment, this form of martial meditation is used to develop a sharp mind and strong focus.

In the second step we learn to improve our body with “DanJun HoHub” Ki Breathing exercises that are unique to Hapkido. These four special breathing exercises oxygenize the blood and cleanse our lungs through deep breathing and Ki stimulation.

The physical Hapkido styles move with intention, in comparison to other forms of exercise. The truth is – Hapkido is superior to other forms of exercises because the approach to life and health is holistic. To make decision, maintain a commitment, and remain focused, requires mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical fortitude; all of which can be revealed in Hapkido practice.

About the author: Richard Hackworth is a Grand Master of Haemukwan Hapkido, Taekwondo and Korean Sword. He also hold a Masters License in Tai Chi. Hackworth is best known as the host of the “World Martial Arts TV Show” and “Fight for Your Health TV Show”. To learn more about Hapkido visit https://worldhapkidonews.com.

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