July 14, 2024


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This is from one of my recent online mentoring sessions from my clients. Use it to grow your school. I wish you the best of success.

Here is how we do the marketing for our Seminars with event pages:

8 weeks out: get all graphics and registration forms prepared.

7 weeks out: upload new Facebook page headers for our school’s Facebook pages and groups.

6 weeks out: create Facebook event and start announcing it at the end of classes.

5 weeks out: Share the event in all local community groups that allow it.

4 weeks out: send an email to all members (if it’s open to public, include all leads), make sure all staff share event on Facebook.

3 weeks out: send a text to all members (include all leads)

2 weeks out: create Fear of Missing Out / urgency to get signed up (ONLY 8 spots left! Sign up now so you do not miss out!), all staff share on Facebook again, and tag anyone they know who should participate.

1 week out: phone call to anyone who should have registered and has not.

Week of the event: depending on event, phone calls to all registered to remind them and pre-frame any sale we will have at the end of the event.

Ten Tips for a Successful Facebook Event

Keep the name short.

Optimize your event’s image. 1920 x 1080 pixels. Don’t put text on the image.

Include Sponsors and Venders as your co-hosts.

Have employees mark that they will be going.

Have the staff share the page and invite people that might go.

DON’T invite everyone. You can invite up to 500 friends maximum.

Ask people who are going to click to share the event.

Post about your event.

Post in the event newsfeed to get engagement.

Don’t rely only on FB promotions.

Host a FB Live on your page to tell everyone the benefits of coming to the event and ask them to bring a friend.

If you want to reach the next level of success message me at https://www.facebook.com/worldmartialartsmarketing

About the author: Richard Hackworth is a Grand Master of Hapkido, Taekwondo and Korea Sword. He also hold a Masters License in Tai Chi. Hackworth is best known as the host of the “World Martial Arts TV Show” and “Fight for Your Health TV Show”. To learn more about how to grow your school visit https://worldmartialartsmarketing.com ,