April 16, 2024


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The International Independent Hapkido Alliance

8209 Rolling Stone Ln
Ooltewah, TN 37363

August 13, 2021

Welcome to the International Independent Hapkido Alliance

            Since its founding by Dojunim Choi Young Sool, Hapkido has spread to many countries because people have embraced the value of the Hapkido lifestyle. The explosive growth in the number of Hapkido practitioners all over the world demonstrates the quality of the art itself and I feel proud to be a part of that global community.

However, I worry that the number of excellent leaders to teach the art is limited now because of low teaching and learning standards at most schools and organization. This creates a dilemma in propagating the art further. Therefore, I believe there is a need for developing the next generation of masters and providing them with the necessary knowledge and information to further the growth of the art.

          The international Independent Hapkido Alliance will become the resource for Sharing and Developing the Art Form, information to teachers and teachers alike to various media, as well as facilitating the growth of competent masters of the art itself. Furthermore, we will relentlessly strive to spread the art to create an international cultural heritage that is beneficial to all practitioners.

                Therefore, we hope to receive continuous encouragement, support, and feedback from all practitioners of the art so that the headquarters may provide a traditional passage to the Hapkido community of the world.

Best Regards,

James R. Hogwood, PhD

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