May 23, 2024


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Word of Mouth Marketing Tactics

Have you ever wondered how to get more students from referrals and “Word of Mouth” or how to grow your school without expensive advertising? If so, then stay tuned. This video is for you!

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Hello, I’m Instructor Ma, your martial arts marketing specialist. 

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10 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies That Cost Next to NOTHING

Word-of-Mouth Marketing is still the most effective marketing.  People talk.  And they’ll talk about you.  

But what if you gave them something good to talk about AND something that promotes you and your work at the same time!  

Costs next to nothing…it’s simple…and it’s a win for everyone.

Here are 10 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies that cost next to nothing:

1.         Add a “Tell-a-Friend” form to your website

2.         Add shareable links to your emails

3.         Post branded quotes in groups you own and ask people to share

4.         Make a funny video and post it

5.         Create an “Advisory Board” of your best fans, or a Brand Fan Community, or Fan Club

6.         Create a “Care to Share” card

7.         Respond to feedback, stay positive, and surprise people

8.         Earn trust and respect

9.         Become known for 100% honesty

10.       Give people something GREAT to talk about daily

There you have it.  10 easy to implement, inexpensive word-of-mouth marketing strategies you can get started with immediately.

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