WELCOME TO THE WORLD MARTIAL ARTS MEDIA NETWORK, your online source for the best education, information, entertainment, celebrity interviews and expert profiles in the MARTIAL ARTS world. We began as part of the Martial Arts Radio Network and Action Media Network online in 1994. Do be fooled by our imitators and so-called competitors. We are the Original martial arts media network with a proven history of the world’s best content.

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Grand Master Fred Parks and Dr. Richard Hackworth, Hosts of the World Martial Arts Radio and TV Shows

World Martial Arts Media Network is a complete Martial Arts Authority Site Resource featuring information about all that is important to the martial arts community. If you love traditional martial arts, Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, MMA or any other combat sport you will find what you are looking for on our popular programs.

Our goal at the World Martial Arts Media Network is to provide the most comprehensive Authority Resource Site in the Martial Arts industry.

The World Martial Arts Media Network is the host of a quarterly magazine, monthly radio shows, monthly television shows, Martial Arts instructional dvds, action film production, publishing, a social network and the best Martial Arts education, entertainment, cultural and competition events in the industry.

As a Martial Arts And Entertainment Industry Authority Site we strive to provide a complete support system with services to help everyone from beginners to Grand Masters. World Martial Arts Media Network is comprised of our magazine, monthly radio shows, television shows and special events.

World Martial Arts Magazine

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About our magazine: World Martial Arts Magazine is the world’s most popular free online Martial Arts educational publication providing news and information from around the globe.
Each issue is packed with information about Aikido, Budo, Chi, Hapkido, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Korean Military Arts, Krav Maga, Kumdo, Kung Fu, MMA Mixed Martial Arts, MooDukKwan, Samurai and Korean Sword Arts, Police Defensive TacticsTaekwondo, Tai Chi, TangSooDo, Yudo, YuSool, Zen and more.

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The World Martial Arts Magazine Radio Show



World Martial Arts Radio

About our radio shows: The World Martial Arts Radio Network features award-winning shows with the biggest Movie Stars, TV & Radio Celebrities, and Experts from the Martial Arts and action film entertainment industry!
Our popular line up of shows includes:

“The World Martial Arts Radio Show” With Dr. Richard Hackworth and Grand Master Gary Pointer. This is a raw and lively show that will have you in tears laughing.

“The Martial Arts Success Show” With With Dr. Richard Hackworth and Grand Master Fred Parks is your one stop shop for getting the politically incorrect advice you need to grow a highly successful Martial Arts school. The Martial Arts Success Show team helps Martial Arts school owners across the country reach a new level of success by introducing cutting edge teaching and training concepts. Tune in each week for a free Martial Arts business success seminar with some of America’s favorite martial arts instructors.

About or TV Shows: The World Martial Arts Television Network is Where You Find The Legends, Icons, and Stars Of The Martial Arts Industry! World Martial Arts TV is an internet Martial Arts television channel produced by Action Star Media, Inc. and dedicated to featuring Martial Arts training tips, competitions, action movies, demonstrations, training for the mind, body & spirit, health and fitness advice and entertainment from around the world.

About our social network: The World Martial Arts Network: Where Martial Artists Come To Have A Kicking Good Time!

The World Martial Arts Network is a free social network dedicated to the Martial Arts lifestyle. It’s like facebook and myspace but more in your face! Instructors and students alike are invited to join and invite friends. This is where you will find Martial Arts enthusiasts just as passionate about the traditions and benefits as you are. You can Join for FREE here —>World Martial Arts Media Community!

Whether you are a Martial Artist, Parent, Grandparent, Fan, Instructor or School Owner; browse our site and discussion group to find the information that you need. You’ll have access to our live instant messenger, groups, articles, activity points and so much more! Start a Group for your Dojang, Dojo, Association or Style and share information, Pics, and Videos. On our Social Network you can learn new things from our team of experts or share your knowledge with other Martial Artists!

For school owners: The World Martial Arts Media Marketing Program is a powerful resource for your Martial Arts business.

The World Martial Arts Media Marketing Program is a complete Martial Arts business success education system that provides resources and information from the leading minds in the Martial Arts industry, to help you build the most successful Martial Arts school in your area. Visit link above for more information today!

The Action Movie online store is The World’s #1 Resource For Information On New Action And Martial Arts Film Releases From The Independent Movie World.

The goal of this action and Martial Arts movie site is to give you the info you want about new releases in the independent film world that feature up-and-coming action and Martial Arts film stars – FAST – so you get these movies even before they are released to the general public or video store chains.

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